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The Delivery Logistics Platform

If your business depends on deliveries, then you already know the importance of smooth, fast and accurate deliveries.

Eddress is the ultimate software solution for any kind of logistics company. Through an easy-to-use, customizable platform, you can assign and receive automated orders, manage your fleet of drivers, while also tracking their journeys to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. The platform allows any business the ability to meet the industry standards customers have become accustomed to, creating complete visibility and transparency for both the business and the customer.

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Courier Companies

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Flower Shops

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Other Businesses

Receive and assign automated orders directly through the platform

Using an API, customers can place their orders directly from your website. Offline orders can also be plugged straight into the system to be processed and assigned immediately.

Manage your drivers and track them live

Keep track of all your drivers’ locations, allowing you to gauge delivery times and manage upcoming trips more efficiently.

Give customers a user-friendly way to receive deliveries

Customers will receive a web link via direct message where they can add their name, phone number and pin their address. They can then track their deliveries and even change its destination by re-pinning their location.

Make deliveries even if you don’t have your own fleet

Eddress aggregates the use of multiple logistics delivery companies, connecting them directly to the businesses that need to deliver but may not have their own fleet of drivers.

Use the platform to outsource excess deliveries

Based on an elastic model, you can use Eddress to outsource any deliveries your own fleet cannot handle, helping you maintain your service standards.

Use the platform for cross-border deliveries

Due to our seamless aggregation of several logistics companies, both locally and internationally, you can use the platform to send deliveries anywhere in the world.

There’s nothing like first-hand experience, so why not book a demo of any of our services to see for yourself if Eddress will work for you.